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The Best Xbox Consoles Ranked for Ultimate Gaming in 2024

Video gaming has transformed from a niche hobby into a mainstream form of entertainment, captivating audiences of all ages across the globe. Central to this revolution is the advent of gaming consoles, which combine cutting-edge technology with sleek design to bring vivid, interactive worlds straight into the living room. The Xbox, Microsoft’s flagship gaming console, has been at the forefront of this evolution. Since its debut in 2001, it has undergone several iterations, each more powerful and feature-rich than the last, solidifying its place in the hearts of gamers.

Xbox consoles have always been praised for their robust online capabilities, high-fidelity graphics, and expansive game libraries. The essence of Xbox gaming revolves around its immersive experiences and its ability to connect players across the world through multiplayer games. Each new Xbox console brings enhancements over its predecessors, from improved graphical power to faster loading times and backward compatibility with a vast catalogue of games.

When considering an Xbox console purchase, there are crucial factors to weigh, such as hardware performance, exclusive game titles, and ecosystem compatibility. Potential buyers should ponder the types of games they enjoy, whether they prefer single-player narratives or online multiplayer experiences, and if they’re interested in other entertainment options like streaming services. Equally important is the investment in the Xbox Live network and the comprehensive Game Pass subscription service, which grants access to a library of games for a monthly fee.

Choosing the right Xbox console can significantly enhance one’s gaming experience by aligning with their preferences and expectations. With this in mind, we thoroughly review the Xbox console line-up to help our readers make an informed decision. We look at the merits of each model and the unique aspects that might sway one’s choice towards a particular console.

Top Xbox Consoles

We’ve carefully selected the Xbox consoles that stand out in terms of performance, gaming experience, and value for money. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting out, our choices cater to various preferences and needs. Browse our recommendations to find the Xbox console that best matches your gaming style.

Xbox Series X Standard Ed

We reckon the Xbox Series X stands out for anyone seeking a high-performance, future-proof gaming console.


  • Superior graphical processing for advanced gaming
  • Quick Resume feature enhances multitasking
  • Inclusive of a vast library of games through Game Pass Ultimate


  • Bulky design may not appeal to all
  • No games included in the standard package
  • May come with a European power cord, requiring a separate purchase for other regions

The world of gaming consoles continues to evolve, and the Xbox Series X is at the forefront, offering one of the most powerful performances on the market. The console not only promises an exceptional gaming experience with its impressive hardware capabilities, but it also brings backwards compatibility to the table—opening up a vast library of games spanning four generations of Xbox.

Multitasking is a breeze with the Xbox Series X, thanks to the Quick Resume function. This feature allows seamless switching between different games, maximising gaming time without the wait. Moreover, the console’s solid build is a testament to the quality one can expect from Xbox, although its substantial presence may require a bit of extra room near the TV.

While the Xbox Series X ticks many boxes, it’s not without its drawbacks. The absence of any games in the standard package means that purchasing new titles or a Game Pass Ultimate subscription will be an additional cost for consumers. Plus, the potential inconvenience of receiving a European power cord could be a hurdle for some, necessitating an extra purchase for compatibility in other regions.

In conclusion, the Xbox Series X is a solid choice for dedicated gamers looking to push the boundaries of their gaming experience. The console’s robust performance, coupled with a plethora of available games, makes it a worthwhile investment despite a few shortcomings.

Xbox Series S Starter Pack

We believe the Xbox Series S – Starter Bundle is a strong contender for gamers looking for a balance of value and performance.


  • Cost-effective access to next-gen gaming with Game Pass Ultimate included.
  • Compact design ideal for small spaces; includes essential accessories.
  • Quick Resume and fast load times enhance the gaming experience.


  • Limited internal storage may require additional investment in expansion cards.
  • Digital-only console, not suitable for physical disc collectors.
  • Some customers have reported issues with included controllers.

Begin your gaming adventure with the Xbox Series S – Starter Bundle, which is designed to be a comprehensive entry point to the Xbox ecosystem. The incorporation of the Game Pass Ultimate offers a substantial library of games right out of the box, which can be a massive draw for someone seeking variety without the heavy investment in individual titles.

The console’s small footprint makes it an appealing choice for those with limited space. It’s a capable machine that maintains a sleek, unobtrusive presence in any setup. This complements modern living spaces where aesthetic and practicality are both considerations.

We must acknowledge the storage capacity; with a 512GB SSD, avid gamers might find the need to manage their library more frequently than with larger capacity consoles. However, for many, the convenience offered by a completely digital system could outweigh the need for physical media, despite this console not catering to those preferring physical copies of their games. The occasional controller quality issues some users encounter underline the importance of a reliable warranty and customer support.

In sum, the Xbox Series S – Starter Bundle stands as a compelling option for anyone looking to dive into next-gen gaming without breaking the bank, provided they are comfortable with its digital-only format and potential storage constraints.

Xbox Series S

We believe the Xbox Series S is a solid choice for gamers looking for an affordable entry into next-gen gaming without the need for physical discs.


  • Offers a compact design that easily fits into any setup
  • Provides rapid load times and smooth transitions between games
  • Access to an expansive library of digital games with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate


  • Lacks physical disc drive, limiting to digital downloads
  • Internal storage may require expansion for extensive game libraries
  • May not match the raw performance of its older sibling, the Xbox Series X

Xbox has made a point of acknowledging the ever-changing landscape of gaming by introducing a more accessible, digital-only variant of its latest console generation, the Series S. This machine caters primarily to a digital audience, offering an array of games instantly downloadable from online marketplaces. The alluring combination of a higher-calibre gaming experience and a lower price tag sets Xbox Series S apart from its competitors, particularly for those who wish to enjoy modern titles without financial strain.

In keeping with the theme of accessibility, the console’s petite frame is considerate of space constraints, seamlessly blending into various environments from crowded desks to minimalist living areas. The absence of a disc drive underscores its commitment to a digital future, while simultaneously simplifying the overall design. As a result, those who possess extensive physical game collections or routinely exchange games with friends may find this feature limiting. On the contrary, game aficionados who prefer the convenience of digital downloads will appreciate the clutter-free essence of the Series S.

One must acknowledge the deliberate balance between performance and affordability that the Xbox Series S strikes. Gamers whose primary concern is enjoying a broad range of titles at consistent quality will find their requirements comfortably met. However, enthusiasts seeking peak performance and graphical fidelity may lean towards its more powerful counterpart. Moreover, the internal storage space might call for supplementary hardware investments, particularly for users with expansive game collections. In brief, the Xbox Series S serves as a testament to Xbox’s vision of gaming’s future, shaped by digital content and accessibility.

Original Xbox

We believe that the Original Xbox is an excellent choice for gamers looking to experience the roots of Microsoft’s gaming heritage with a robust catalogue of classic titles.


  • Built-in hard drive for storage expansion
  • Integrated DVD player and online capabilities
  • Legacy titles with cult following


  • Heavier and bulkier design compared to modern consoles
  • Limited by outdated hardware specifications for current standards
  • No longer supported with new game releases

The Original Xbox marked Microsoft’s strong entry into the console gaming market. Back in its prime, it was renowned for its powerful performance that allowed players to enjoy games with enhanced graphics and speed. A console designed purely for gaming, it came equipped with a hard drive built-in, allowing for more intricate games and saved data without needing memory cards.

Transforming the landscape of online multiplayer gaming, the Xbox introduced Xbox Live, setting a new standard for console-based online services. It boasted a strong lineup of exclusive titles that attracted a loyal fan base. Titles like the ‘Halo’ series became synonymous with the Microsoft brand and are cherished by fans to this day.

For collectors or those with nostalgia for the era, the Original Xbox offers a treasure trove of gaming history. However, those seeking the latest features and graphics may find the console doesn’t meet modern gaming expectations. As gaming technology has advanced, the Original Xbox is more of a nostalgic piece than a cutting-edge entertainment system.

Xbox Controller – Carbon

We think you’ll love the Xbox Controller – Carbon for its enhanced comfort and customisation features, making it a solid pick for your gaming setup.


  • Improved ergonomic design for comfortable handling
  • Customisable buttons with the Xbox Accessories app
  • Versatile connectivity across devices including Xbox and PC


  • Requires AA batteries which may need frequent replacement
  • Reports of durability issues after extended use
  • The tactile bumps might not appeal to everyone

This version of the Xbox Wireless Controller brings a sleek look to your gaming arsenal. We appreciate the sophistication its carbon black colour adds to the traditional gamepad. The enhanced texture and geometry not only look great but provide a more comfortable experience during intense gaming sessions.

Its customisation is a boon for gamers who like to tweak their controls. Via the Xbox Accessories app, we can tailor the controller to individual gaming preferences, which is particularly useful for those who play across various genres and titles.

The controller’s compatibility is notable, allowing quick switching between Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PCs. This means you can easily transition from console to PC gaming without needing additional hardware.

The requirement for AA batteries and reports from users regarding lifespan may offset some of its positive aspects. Moreover, while the new textured grip is designed for enhanced control, it may be a matter of personal preference, and not all gamers will find it to their liking.

On balance, this controller looks to be a worthy investment for dedicated gamers seeking a combination of style, comfort, and personalisation.

Xbox Series X (Certified Refurbished)

We believe this refurbished Xbox Series X is a stellar choice for gamers looking to enjoy a top-tier console experience without the brand-new price tag.


  • Environmentally conscious purchase with the added benefit of supporting sustainability goals.
  • Includes a dependable 12-month warranty and access to Microsoft’s expert support.
  • Quick Resume and faster load times enhance the overall gaming experience.


  • May arrive in non-original packaging, which could be an issue if gifting.
  • A small chance of encountering hardware issues, as with any refurbished product.
  • Not all games may be optimised to exploit the 120 FPS gameplay yet.

The Xbox Series X leads today’s console market with high-performance gaming and is now accessible as a certified refurbished product. It suits those who prioritise graphical power and swift game load times without breaking the bank. The refurbishment guarantees the console’s functionality matches a new unit, minus the fresh-from-the-factory packaging.

Opting for a refurbished model is a nod towards environmental responsibility, aligning with our desire to reduce e-waste and support valuable sustainability initiatives. By choosing this option, you’re not only securing gaming prowess but also contributing to a healthier planet.

Immersing in the vast library of Xbox titles that spans four generations is seamless, thanks to the Quick Resume feature and the robust Xbox Velocity Architecture. Rest assured, your purchase is backed by a full year of warranty, earmarked by Microsoft’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Xbox Series X 1TB

We believe the Xbox Series X is a prime choice for avid gamers seeking a top-tier console experience with fast load times and high-resolution gaming.


  • Unparalleled performance enabling up to 120FPS gameplay
  • Compatibility with a vast library of games across four Xbox generations
  • Smart Delivery provides the best version of games for your console automatically


  • May incur additional costs for maximum utility, such as Xbox Game Pass subscription
  • The EU import model may require a compatible power adapter for UK use
  • Limited availability of next-gen optimised titles at launch

Setting our sights on the current zenith of console gaming, the Xbox Series X promises a leap forward in performance and graphics. The system’s architecture furthers the fluidity of gameplay and delivers staggering visuals that pull you into the heart of the action. It’s not just about what you play; it’s how you experience it.

Navigating through a colossal selection of titles, you’ll find that both new releases and beloved classics gain a new sheen of polish on the Series X. Backward compatibility ensures your gaming library transitions smoothly, expanding the range of possibilities on a single console. Diving into unprecedented levels of immersion, the 3D Spatial Audio technology encapsulates you in a sphere of crisp, lifelike sound, enhancing every on-screen explosion or whisper.

We can’t overlook the practicalities of gaming logistics. Investment in the Xbox ecosystem, through accessories or services like Xbox Game Pass, may escalate the overall cost. Nevertheless, the tangible benefits of seamless game switching and substantial upgrades to favourite titles through Smart Delivery might just tip the scales. Also, since this product is an EU import, accommodating UK mains may necessitate purchasing an additional power adapter—something to remember before making a buying decision.

In the big picture, the Xbox Series X 1TB stands as a formidable presence in the gaming world, striking a balance between power and elegance, and promising a zenith of gaming for enthusiasts and casual players alike.

Xbox One 500GB

We believe the Xbox One 500GB offers an immersive gaming experience with a robust catalogue of titles, perfect for gamers looking for variety and entertainment.


  • Vast library of games through Xbox Game Pass
  • Superior multiplayer gaming with robust server support
  • Multipurpose entertainment hub for gaming, TV, and apps


  • Kinect sensor is an additional purchase
  • Novelty may wane with new console generations on the horizon
  • Some users have reported hardware issues over time

The Xbox One revolutionises living room entertainment by combining gaming, live TV, and a wide array of apps. It’s an all-encompassing media device that caters to game enthusiasts and movie buffs alike. With an ever-expanding catalogue on Xbox Game Pass, users never run out of games to play. The service’s low monthly fee unlocks the potential to explore over a hundred titles, from classic favourites to the newest blockbusters.

Moreover, the console’s multiplayer capabilities are among the best, powered by a formidable network of servers ensuring smooth, uninterrupted online gameplay. Whether you’re racing in Forza Motorsport 6 or teaming up in Halo 5: Guardians, the experience is slick, with minimal lag. Smart Match is another feature that optimises the challenge, seamlessly connecting you with new opponents.

On the downside, it’s important to note that the console’s Kinect sensor must be purchased separately. This could be a disadvantage for those who wish to use voice commands or motion-controlled gaming features. As with any technology, advancements are always on the horizon, and with newer console generations emerging, the Xbox One’s appeal might diminish over time. Also, a minority of users have mentioned durability concerns, but these instances seem to be exceptions rather than the norm.

Xbox One X (Renewed)

We believe this Xbox One X offers a commendable blend of enhanced performance and value for those keen on diving into the gaming world without splashing out on a brand-new console.


  • High-quality 4K gaming experience
  • Faster load times with SSD
  • Reliable performance after professional refurbishment


  • Potential variance in refurbishment standards
  • Lack of manufacturer’s warranty
  • Possible short-lived software update support

Gamers looking for a cost-effective way to access Xbox’s extensive library of games might find this Amazon Renewed Xbox One X an attractive option. With a capable 8-core AMD processor and a solid-state drive, this console delivers smoother gameplay and quick loading times. Refurbished products on Amazon go through a rigorous testing process, which reassures us that the device will operate as intended.

We are aware that some might be initially sceptical about purchasing renewed electronics. However, considering the Amazon Renewed Guarantee offers a replacement or refund if the product doesn’t meet our expectations, it adds a layer of security to the purchase. Furthermore, the eco-conscious aspect of buying refurbished electronics is an appealing bonus, contributing positively to reducing e-waste.

Our main reservation lies in the uncertainty regarding the longevity of software updates. Additionally, while the device has been inspected and is verified to look and work like new, the absence of a manufacturer’s warranty might concern potential buyers. It’s worth weighing these factors against the cost savings and improved environmental footprint before making a final decision.

Xbox Elite Series 2 – Core (Blue)

We think this controller is a worthy investment for serious gamers who value performance and customisation.


  • Enhanced control with adjustable-tension thumbsticks
  • Personalised gameplay with customizable button mapping
  • Extensive battery life of up to 40 hours


  • Additional components sold separately
  • May require some time to adjust to the advanced features
  • Higher price point compared to standard controllers

Gamers in pursuit of peak performance will appreciate the Xbox Elite Series 2 – Core Edition’s advanced features. The adjustable-tension thumbsticks allow for precision and a tailored feel, which can give competitive players that crucial edge. Personalisation is at your fingertips with the ability to customise button mappings through the Xbox Accessories app. This can let us tailor the controller to our individual playstyle.

Durability is a critical aspect for any gaming accessory, and the Elite Series 2 – Core Edition shines in this regard. The controller’s refined components have been developed for longevity, meaning we can invest with confidence knowing the device is built to last. Moreover, the comfortable wrap-around rubberised grip adds to the overall high-quality feel.

Considering usability across devices, the controller offers flexibility. It can connect to a wide range of devices via Xbox Wireless, Bluetooth, or USB-C. This makes it a versatile option for gaming on console, PC, or mobile. Plus, the long battery life ensures that we can play for extended sessions without constantly worrying about recharging.

For gaming enthusiasts who take their hobby seriously, the Xbox Elite Series 2 – Core in blue is a controller that offers exceptional performance, customisation options, and durable build quality, making it a top contender in the market.

Buying Guide

When scouring the market for the best Xbox console, it’s vital to analyse key features that align with our gaming needs and preferences.


  • Performance: Look for high frame rates and resolutions for a smooth experience.
  • Storage: Aim for ample space for game files, considering expandability.
  • Connectivity: Evaluate Wi-Fi and Ethernet capabilities for online gaming.
  • Form Factor: Assess the size and design for suitable home setup compatibility.

Key Features to Evaluate

Hardware Specifications

Feature Why It’s Important
CPU & GPU Determines processing power for gameplay and graphics.
RAM Affects multitasking and loading times.

Connectivity Options

Option Purpose
HDMI For high-definition video output to TV or monitor.
USB Ports Essential for accessories and external storage.

We would also look thoroughly into backward compatibility, as it allows us to play our collection of older-generation games, which is a feature many of us value.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Assess controller ergonomics and the availability of accessibility features to ensure all gamers can enjoy the experience.


The potential for system updates and support longevity are factors we shouldn’t overlook, ensuring the console remains relevant with the evolving gaming landscape.

Bear in mind the importance of warranty and customer support, as these can impact our peace of mind and overall satisfaction.


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